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Dahm & Freunde visualizes and creates new looks for its clients, gets to the heart of corporate changes and does so in innovative ways. We tap the full potential of our interdisciplinary team of business economists, graphic and media designers, masters in communication, natural scientists, humanists and psychologists for our clients.


Our clients

Our clients are market leaders, innovative middle-sized companies and established organizations from various business areas including banking, financial services, insurance, IT, pharmaceutical providers and non-profit organizations.

  • Baumann - Schwertransporte
  • Bomedus
  • clark’s golf world
  • Bürgerstiftung Bonn
  • Deutsche Apotheker- und Ärztebank
  • Deutsche Bischofskonferenz
  • E-Bridge
  • Fischer Kühne Lang Rechtsanwälte
  • Finanz Informatik Technologie Service
  • Innofact
  • LBImmoWert
  • Management Akademie der Sparkasse
  • MDG: Die Berater
  • Meeder & Seifer Family Office
  • Novartis AG Basel
  • Peras
  • Ratiodata
  • Reich, Doeker & Kollegen
  • Seenotretter
  • Sparkasse
  • Deutsche Sparkassenstiftung für internationale Kooperation
  • St. Benno Verlag
  • St. Marien-Hospital
  • Stiftung Bonner Klimabotschafter
  • SHG Pur-profile
  • Thyssengas
  • UNO-Flüchtlingshilfe


Our team

Stephan Dahm

Stephan Dahm Managing director

This trained banker got involved with communications at an early stage: first as unit head of an advertising company and even more intensely since 1998 when he founded Dahm & Freunde. Good design is his passion – one of the reasons why he has been clinging to his old Italian car for more than 35 years.

Dr. Cerstin Stadeler

Dr. Cerstin Stadeler Senior management

Co-founder of the agency; she puts her heart and mind into managing our internal processes. Our clients highly appreciate her as their contact person. Despite being a working mother of two sons, she is in top form every day – where she takes the energy from remains her secret.

Andrea Schäfer

Andrea Schäfer Senior management/consulting

Graduate psychologist, communications consultant, working with Dahm & Freunde since 1999: with unrelenting enthusiasm for changes of any kind. She lives at Lake Starnberg and is the contact person for our clients from Munich and its environs.

Jasmin Hanses-Cirkovic

Jasmin Hanses-Cirkovic Project management

With an addictive good temper this all-round talent manages numerous projects. Favourite pastimes of our well-trained communications manager (WAK) are tennis and exploring new countries.

Elif Lokau

Elif Lokau Project management

One of Dahm & Freunde’s oldest friends: This trained communications specialist has been on board for many years and knows the clients and projects like no one else. She is keenly aware of what is possible in relation to any production. And to accept that something is not possible is actually quite impossible for her.

Christopher Köllejan

Christoper Köllejan Project management

Chris is a real man of action. The experienced project manager is navigating his way calmly through the everyday agency life for over 10 years now and even in the most chaotic moments he always has a plan.
Chris really loves the combination of variety and challenges – and that is exactly what he’s getting here in our agency.

Jonas M. Schulz

Jonas M. Schulz Project management

Since the beginning of 2018 Management Assistant for Digital and Print Media Jonas M. Schulz supports our team covering the areas of project management and social media. Especially in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Advertising (SEA) he contributes his 'manpower'.

By going to the gym and spending a lot of time with his friends he creates a perfect balance to work.

Christian Hanisch

Christian Hanisch Art direction

With Apple, Windows, or Linux: As a former computer scientist with a lot of enthusiam for clear structures and design, Christian has managed the graphic department at our agency since 2000, and takes care of our digital infrastructure.

In his free time, he takes long treks through deep valleys and explores high mountains, enjoys game nights with friends and tends to forget the real world between the pages of his innumerable books.

Anne Kunz

Anne Kunz Graphic design

Anne is precise and strong in terms of content, reliable, well structured and has a strong sense of aesthetics. This experienced designer stands for exceptionally good solutions in print and screen design. In her free time: she likes to grab her SLR, her bike and husband and explore the country and its people.

Friederike Walbröl-von Behr

Friederike Walbröl-von Behr Creative direction

With a diploma in graphic and communications design under her belt, Friederike von Behr strengthens our graphics department. And what else? She uses her leisure time for her favourite hobby – photography.

Julian Hensel

Julian Hensel Graphic design

Seit 2010 ist Julian bei D&F als Grafiker dabei. Unterbrochen hat er seine Zeit bei uns nur für eine viermonatige Weltreise. Julian liebt in seinem Job die Abwechslung, unterschiedliche Projekte, die Kontinuität der Veränderung . Und er mag Qualität: Gutes Design, gute Bücher, gute Spiele, gute Musik!

Nicole Donath

Nicole Donath Project management/text

Still a suitcase in Berlin: The German studies graduate is our latest import for project management and copywriting. What keeps her moving: overwhelming wanderlust, fantastic stories and the love of achromatic colours.

Chris Fitzgibbon

Chris Fitzgibbon Video

More than 15 years of experience in video production has made the Canadian a specialist for TV and corporate video, client portraits and presentations. He has become an important part of the team in recent years.

Chris is a workaholic who recovers best while playing frisbee or riding his bike.

Mark Lange

Mark Lange Video

The trained audio-visual media designer has been working with Chris since 1996. As a cameraman and DOP, he has shot for TV productions, image films, portraits and corporate presentations.

When he's not behind the camera, the family man likes to spend time with his kids.

Marcel Overrödder

Marcel Overrödder Web development

Marcel often loses track of time while coding. Digitalization, free access of knowledge and internet politics is what interests him in his career and his private life. He could not live without really good bread, his headphones and of course an internet connection.

In his free time, Marcel loves to listen to podcasts, to read books and to go jogging.

Sofie Schönenberg

Sofie Schönenberg Project management

The creative business economist with a focus on marketing and business psychology appreciates versatility, variety, challenges - and coffee - in agency life.

In her private life, Sofie has a big heart for her family, her friends and basketball.

Nela Elsner

Nela Elsner Graphic design

Graphic designer Nela Elsner first trained as a media designer before studying at the Cologne International School of Design. In addition to experience in all design disciplines, she brings along a lot of curiosity and empathy.

We think that's a wonderful mix.

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Good question. We have no idea. Of course we are proud of what we have done in the past. But we are much more interested in the things that we have not yet done. Ideas no one else has ever thought of. Projects that bring change to the world. Which attract attention and are memorable. Communication which works. Because that's what we are best at.

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